Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pierre's Hawaiian Hiatus

Hi guys!

Pierre wanted to share his thoughts as we travel to the pacific isle of Kauai. Pierre?

Helo, we have arrived in los Angeles (what a trashy little place, can you believe I can't even have a Cigarette!?!?). Well we had to entertain ourselves for three hours and the only place to eat was the rancid starbucks cafe and the king burger, which does not by any means provide regal service.Anyhow, we are getting ready to board de plane for sex more hours of American's (clearing throat) top notch service. Wish me luck, hopefully dis time de stewardess won't force me to finish my drink before landing, as if that will effect the plane mechanics in any way. Freaking plane people!


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Life Is Wilson said...

ohh i have been waiting for this moment forever. finally pierre shares his stories. please post more. auntie carmen